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One-click opens the new digital world

2TB Super | 1TB Deluxe| 500GB Flagship|PRO Youth
  • SD/TF
    One-click offline backup
    of 4K images
  • 8000mAh
    One-click mobile charging
  • Mo-Cloud
    One-click cloud disk for
    public-private dual purpose
  • USB3.1xThunderbolt3
    One-click Prospective
    mobile hard disk
  • Routing WiFi
    One-click router/repeater
USB3.1 is coming!
The New Course of Speed and Convenience
Different from ordinary mobile hard disk, MagiBox not only creates a personal private cloud, but also equipped with full-featured USB3.1 interface that will be widely used in the future.

USB3.1 Gen2(10Gbps) Speed doubled

USB3.0 (5Gbps)

10Gbps Amazing Bandwidth
MagiBox provides two versions: a full-featured USB3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) port and USB3.1 Gen1 (5Gbps) port. Gen2 works twice as fast as existing USB3.0 (5Gbps), which means the waiting time when transmitting data will be further reduced, improves working efficiency.
Reversible Plug and Thunderbolt 3
The reversible plug of USB3.1 can well compatible with Thunderbolt 3, let you experience the great convenience. In the coming Type-C era, the interface is finally no longer limited to the hosts.
Six transformations, simplify your life
  • Enjoy journey
    • One-click local WIFI for binge-watching
      Download HD movies, music, e-books and APP in advance, and with the MagiBox local sharing function, you and your friends can have fun simultaneously during the journey.
    • One-click charging
      Even with the portable HDD size, it also achieves a large capacity of 8000mAh, always ready to replenish your phone battery.
  • Enjoy photography
    • Photography requires technology
      When shooting with a 4K full-frame SLR/unmanned camera, the huge image data always make photographers hesitate. To record highlights completely, they had to purchase expensive memory cards.
    • One-click offline copy
      No computer required, it can be done with a memory card only. Be able to view or share various terminals timely, make your photography efficient and interesting.
  • Enjoy work
    • Collaborative office
      Throw out the projector, open preaching model! Let more inspiration begin to collide, the full participation allows the originality and completeness of the project reach new heights.
    • New mobile office
      Place office documents in private MagiBox anytime and anywhere, make work simpler. Wherever you are, you can use phone or computer to handle work with your companion.
  • Enjoy collection
    • Treasure and share
      The beauty is so transient, but with it, your collection of pictures, articles and videos can be uploaded and backed up at any time.
    • Private or public, it's up to you
      Be more private, all your data are under your control, and will not be subject to third party or national regulations. Be available for access at any time, you also can set third party access for some documents.
  • Enjoy travel
    • Vehicle video cloud system
      The smart cars should be equipped with new storage system. After installing vehicle Mo-cloud APP, massive music, HD video and high-quality acoustics will make your trip full of fun.
    • Travel with a router
      During your trip, if you live in a hotel with only a cable and no WiFi, connect to MagiBox, 5G/2.4GHz dual-band high-speed WIFI appears right now, make everything ok.
  • Enjoy home life
    • Home theater
      Smart TV, speaker is limited by their storage capacity, pay-for-view and low speed. By TV DLNA function, you can share video and audio with family members.
    •  Sustenance of love
      Put the sweetness in one place, with better privacy, you can share with family and friends anytime during your journey.
Mo-Cloud APP comes online
Update more new ways periodically
Designed for computer and phone application scenarios, with brand new Android and IOS UI, the new functions will synchronously on line. More novel ways are coming soon! Join the official WeChat, participate in Mo-Cloud experience program!
Thin, lightweight, mighty Customized Seagate thin disk
To be light with so many fuctions, we must break through the storage and battery two major problems. In terms of storage, Seagate, as Orico strategic partner in China, provides the customized high-performance thin disk for Magibox, brings a faster, more stable and safer storage experience.
8000mAh ultra-thin battery
To ensure daily mobile charging and wireless entertainment, the battery capacity is not reduced. We adapt a thinner polymer battery, which makes the MagiBox thinner and good at heat-dissipation.
Ensure daily power supply and emergency charging
High-performance Mo-Cloud
USB3.1×household highspeed network
Thanks to new storage and seamless connection between USB3.1 and highspeed Ethernet port, the MagiBox can operate at lower heat and larger bandwidth margin. In near-field LAN mode, transmission speed can reach up to 15M/S. Buy it and you will get a large capacity storage device with private cloud and router.
  • Highspeed WiFi
  • 15M/S upload&download
  • 8-10 people simultaneous access
  • 300M low-heat router
Cool and quiet digital world
  • 5-side metal

    Strong heat-dissipatiton,
    comparable to high-end phone craftsmanship

  • No breakpoint
    middle frame

    Breakthrough signal technical barriers

  • Lossless signal

    Senior engineer adjusted, strong and stable signal

3 years, breakthrough of hardware craftsmanship
The original network hard drive has shortcomings of high heat, short batter life, complex APP and more.In order to create a thinner and better MagiBox,we optimize the structure and material in addition to hard drive. The USB3.1 storage controller, network chip and polymer battery inside are strictly selected, customized and tested.

Multilevel encryption, data is in my control

Different from public cloud, you can store private photos, videos and business data into private MagiBox freely, without worrying about information monitoring, disclosure, shielding and close
More functions, solve digital troubles
  • Memory expansion for iPhone, OPPO and more
  • Clear more room for phone and computer, better performance
  • Backup and transfer contacts, more convenient
  • Personal diary, more secure to be stored in MagiBox
  • Cloud music, enjoy it freely
  • Cloud movie, watch it as you want
  • Wireless router, wired become wireless in seconds
  • UAV and SLR, capture all beautiful sceneries
Four versions available