Reversible plug
Type-C plug. measuring 8.4 millimeters (0.33 in) by 2.6 millimeters (0.10 in), has adopted reversible design which enables it to be blind pluggable.
USB PD2.0 specification enables the maximum functionality of USB by providing more flexible power delivery (5V/9V/12V/20V). Now USB has become a ubiquitous power socket for many devices along ensuring stable data transferring.
ORICO expansion docking station is capable to power host computer/tablet, Macbook, Google Pixel and etc.
High resolution output of up to 6K
For geeks who doing video clipping (resolution of up to 6K), 3D animation, internet surfacing will largely benifit from our new data storage device.
Endow mobile devices with high productivity
ORICO, cooperated with well-known manufactuers, has launched its expansion adapter for connectivity between host computer, PC/tablet/cell phone and a series of external peripherals
As fast as up to 10 Gbps
The new USB 3.1 Gen2 specification can communicate at a blistering 10 Gbps, largely reduce waiting for data transfer by 50%. Thanks to the adoption of E-market controller, one port is capable to provide solutions for demands such as audio output, monitor output, data transfer, internet access and etc.
Available Type-C Products