On April 18, 2019, the Global Sources Electronics Group released the list of 2019 Top20 Chinese Cross-border Brands, and selected successful Chinese brands in overseas markets. Relied on the outstanding performance of its digital products in overseas markets, Shenzhen ORICO Times Technologies Co., Ltd becomes a member of the list.

Shenzhen ORICO Times Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Its brand ORICO is an innovative national high-tech enterprise specializing in USB data transmission and USB charging technology. As one of the listed companies, ORICO is one of the earliest companies in China to import and export. In the past few years, ORICO has launched independent research and development, and has successively released a number of innovative products. Its distribution area covers more than 150 countries and regions, and has been welcomed by many users and major stores at home and abroad.

Product export is not only due to the increase in technical strength and industrialization, but also depends on the experience and resources accumulated by the company for many years in the overseas market, and the position occupied by the global industrial chain division of labor. ORICO has the manufacturing strength of R&D, design and production of the whole industry chain, R&D strength for timely tracking and research of new technologies. It also has the online platform and offline channels to develop simultaneously, complementing the global sales network and more. ORICO also has a unique service of "2 weeks of R&D, 1 week production, 1 MOQ". Continue to export USB and peripheral consumer electronics products for the market, while quickly capture market changes, and constantly upgrade products and services.

Since the establishment of ORICO, in the past 10 years, it has opened up domestic and overseas offline channels in many countries around the world. The products are exported to countries and have independent agents and distribution in many countries. At the same time, in the B2C business segment, ORICO has been recognized by the industry in the external hard drive enclosure and USB3.0 peripheral areas for four consecutive years, and maintained the top 5 in the whole network with rapid growth. For example, the ORICO transparent series integrates technology into life, and creates products such as transparent hard drive enclosure and dock. After 2018, the company has launched a comprehensive series of research and development and production of transparent products to continuously serve people's work and life. The transparent body is ORICO's confidence in its craft.

In the future, ORICO will continue to promote the globalization strategy, accelerate the globalization, and spur the development of the digital accessories industry, and strive to become a respected world-class group.

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