42-in-1 Screwdriver Set

  • Product Code
  • Material
  • Specification
    42-in-one (42 Heads / One Handle)
  • Application
    Dismount Phone and other Appliances
ORICO ST3 screwdriver set
You can be a maintenance personnel
Save digital products
ORICO ST3 is equipped with 42 different heads which represent different types of screwdrivers, helping to install or save damaged digital devices
Dismount multiple devices
42-in-one multifunction screwdriver set
No matter you are a repair personnel or a fancier loving disassembly, it is easy for you to dismount cellphone, tablet, camera or glasses with 42 different screwdriver set heads.
Solid and durable
Continuing ORICO's simple and practical style, the handle is made of CR-V6150 with electroplating process, solid and durable.
Magnetic screwdriver
Magnetic screwdriver absorbs little screws even in ultra-small space, improving working efficiency.
Product package
Made of strong high-quality material, beautiful and durable, easy to carry and use.
Find the quality in the details
Every detail is just for the convenience of your use.
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