ORICO Industry Chain Layout
Seluruh rantai industri yang mengintegrasikan R&D, desain, produksi, penjualan, dan branding adalah dukungan kuat dari semua produk dan layanan ORICO. Ini dapat memberikan solusi yang memenuhi pasar secara real time, efisien dan cepat. Dalam 9 tahun terakhir, kami telah membangun sistem dukungan yang komprehensif dari teori hingga produksi, yang tidak hanya memberikan dukungan kuat bagi Grup, tetapi juga memberikan bantuan yang efektif kepada mitra Grup dan menjadi mitra yang sangat diperlukan bagi banyak perusahaan.
Theory and Team Support
Clearly understand the competition of the whole industry chain strategy, focus on building an independent whole industry chain, and lead the development process of the industry chain with customers and consumers. Reasonable allocation of resources and strategic teamwork ensure the rising of Group's added value.
Capacity Support from four Factories

Technical and Product Support for 9 Product Lines

Nine fully developed product lines, and more than a thousand USB related products, covering everything from data transmission to charging to entertainment peripherals.

From appearance to technology, through years of research and accumulation, we have the strength of independent innovation, and are committed to creating a better user experience.

Brand Building and Platform Mode Support
  • Brand
    From the establishment of the brand VI, the brand strategy is constantly improved and clear. In the process of resource allocation and balancing, the brand runs through.
  • Platform
    With USB technology R&D as the core, including product design, technology research and development, manufacturing to sales, ORICO has become a comprehensive service platform.
  • Area
    In addition to regional division and operation in the country, localized and precise operations are carried out for different regional and cultural backgrounds.
  • Mode
    211 smart supply mode provides a quick and flexible solution for online sales, channel sales, and ODM services.


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