More Capacity. Easier Storage.

The ultimate in storage, upgraded. The larger storage space of the ORICO 95 Series external hard drive enclosure is designed to meet users’ urgent need for large storage capacity. Through its’ extraordinary performance proves that: “More Capacity. Easier Storage”.

The 5 Major Upgrade.
  • Cooling Upgrade

    Honeycomb heat dissipation holes with high-power silent fan, which provide excellent air circulation, thus to improve heat dissipation performance.

  • Security Upgrade

    Unibody aluminum alloy body, up to 4mm thick, extruded aluminum case which is hard to deform, with independent safety lock, to avoid disk damage caused by accidental falling down.

  • Power Upgrade

    Built-in 150W power adapter, with strong power supply that provide more stable data exchange and secure data transmission.

  • Speed Upgrade

    Adopts SATA 3.0 TO USB3.0 bridge scheme, with UASP protocol, support theoretical transfer rate up to 5Gbps, easily transfer large files.

  • Performance Upgrade

    Adopts JMS578+JMB575 dual control chip, improve the safety and stability of data storage and transferring.

RAID Version
On the basis of the regular version, 95 series has added RAID function, which provides 4/7 types of RAID mode. It can operate with RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, as well as normal and large array modes for all your storage needs, whether it's in the pursuit of a high-speed, large capacity storage, or in the security of data, 95 series with RAID will bring you unexpected experience.
Always Pursuing Better
Product managers at ORICO are obsessed with the appearance design of their products and strive to make them eye-catching. The whole series is forged by aluminum alloy with high quality, matched with sand-blasting anodizing process to highlight the metal quality. Pure color design with black and silver, delicate and stylish.
Various Applications
95 Series Hard Drive Enclosure supports 16TB hard drive, combining 5-bay can provide a 80Tb large capacity, which applicable to various applications from work to life, and bring you excellent storage experience.

Enterprise/Private Storage

  • Sever Expansion

  • Cloud Storage

  • Security Monitoring

  • HD Video Transcoding

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