3 AC Outlet Surge Protector with 4 USB Charging Port

  • Product Code
  • Interface
    3 AC Outlets, 4 USB Charging Ports
  • USB Input
    AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
  • Rated Power
    1250W (125V 10A)
  • USB Output
    5V2.4A Intelligent Recognition Per Port
  • Charging Protection
    Master Switch (10A)
  • Safety Protection
    Surge Protection
ORICO IPC-3A4U x 1 = USB x 4 + AC outlet x 3
A surge protector, also a charger
Combining outlets and USB ports, ORICO IPC-3A4U is not only a surge protector, but also a charger, letting you get rid of messy cables and bringing you new charging experience.
Protect precise appliances
With anti-surge integrated circuit, ORICO IPC-3A4U uninterruptedly absorbs spike current of high, medium or low intensity, 15000A max and 1700J surge-suppression rating, protecting precision electric appliance all the time, avoiding the damages that computer crash, data loss, battery life of device shorten, noisy speaker and screen flickering.
Lightning protection
Safely use on a stormy day
While meeting with strong lightning, it will instantly cut off the circuit to guarantee the security of equipments.
A unique taste
Beautiful design
A work of art integrated into domestic aesthetics, ORICO IPC-3A4U is processed by both matte and gloss finish with comfortable handle, which prevents being scratched.
Intelligent IC
Be the original charger
ORICO Super Charge technology detects and delivers ideal current (0.1 - 2.4A) for attached device to protect device's battery, fast charging.
Safety is most important
Over load protection makes it automatically switch off once power is over 1250W, restart to get power restored; children safety gates prevents dusts and protects children from electric shock.
Far away from fire hazard
750℃ fireproof material
ORICO surge protector is made of ABS + PC material, which is fireproof up to 750℃; what's more, the fire resistance of ORICO surge protector tested is better than similar products.
Integrated copper design
Integrated conductive copper and connecting technology make this perfect surge protector, every component remarkable.
Easy to plug
Proper angle, good elasticity, strong conductivity, reasonable outlet size, sleek corner, considering of you in the details, easy to plug and pull.
Over load switch
Master switch makes you turn on or off the power easily, separating from the main direction of surge protector, safe, energy-saving and preventing electric arc.
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