Industrial 20 Port USB2.0 HUB

  • Product Code
  • Material
    PCB + Metal
  • Output
    Type-A USB2.0*20
  • Input
    90-130V/200-250V Type-B USB2.0
  • Dimension
  • Power Supply
    150W Detached Power Module
  • Accessory
    Fixing Plate*2/Screw*2
  • Certificate
Two modes for you to choose
Press the button to switch at any time
Most of the equipments can charge and sync in Charge mode, while a small number of devices can not be identified in Charge mode, which need to switch to the Data mode ( Data mode is standard USB2.0, 0.5A per port).
Supports simultaneous connection of up to 20 USB devices
Plug and play, efficient transmission
Expands your computer to 20 USB interfaces, especially suitable for desktop use, no need to bend down to plug, easily connect multiple USB devices.
Supports multiple USB devices connections
Powerful expansibility allows transmission to be possible
Support external hard drive, keyboard, mouse, U disk, card reader, USB radiator, power bank, printers, mobile phones, tablet and etc.
Be strict from the very beginning
Multi-hole mesh design better for dissipation
Using multiple devices at the same time may cause heat accumulation, thus the product adopts multi-hole mesh design, which makes better heat-dissipation.
An industrial artwork
Industrial art, iron casting molding
High-quality steel materials, spraying processing, can effectively prevent the erosion of impurities in the air to extend the lifespan, and make it beautiful.
Various ways to use
Removable hangers, multi-scene applicable
Both ends of the product are designed with removable hangers, which can be fixed to the wall or mounted on the desktop or can be placed in the charging cabinet or other centralized equipments.
One-click main control switch
More user-friendly light-touch design
The independent switch integrated with the product, a light touch to turn off or turn on the power, comfortable light-touch design, brings you a more convenient experience.
Strong power supply, safety certification
150W integrated power supply
Integrated 150W independent power modules, the power plug is certified under 3C system, the HUB is CE, RoHS and safety certified, safety and reliable.
Selected cable, lossless transmission
Thick cable core
Adopts oxygen-free copper core, aluminum foil and braided shield to prevent data interference, reduce wear and tear, to ensure data transmission stability.
Multiple protections, protect computer and other devices
Supports overload voltage protection function, effectively protect the device and the HUB.
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