2600mAh Smart Power Bank with Flashlight

  • Product Code
    ORICO S1-V1
  • Capacity
  • Output
    USB-A (5V1.5A)
  • Input
    Micro USB (5V1.5A)
  • Chassis
    Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimension
    110 x 23mm
Beautiful and elegant
The purity makes you love it without hesitation
Different from the square design of traditional power banks, ORICO S1 adopts circular design and matte finish, which brings incredible pure visual perception and amazing user experience.
Small size, be your mobile power station
Good appearance, better hand feeling
Small and exquisite, diameter is short to 23mm, slim but substantial; aluminum chassis makes it more durable and heat dissipation is more excellent.
Metal chassis
Aluminum alloy, a good taste
Its beautiful chassis made of aluminum alloy, costing 10 times more than plastic, which makes structural strength and heat dispersion more remarkable.
Set aside time to enjoy life
Fast charging and discharging
Micro USB port inputs 1.5A to provide energy for the power bank and USB-A port outputs 1.5A to charge your cellphone quickly, setting aside more time to do what you want.
Advanced LG battery cell
Its energy, better than you imagine
Battery cell is the key component of power bank and we must keep you safe, so that we adopts LG battery cell to improve charging conversion rate and prolong its usage life.
Over 90% conversion rate of terminal
GMT IC of Taiwan plus delicate circuit makes over 90% conversion rate of terminal, increasing by over10% than normal power banks, which ensures it release more energy but keep the temperature under 40℃, more secure.
Professional and powerful flashlight
I am not only a power bank, but also a flashlight
1W LED light, can irradiate farther distance, work longer time and start SOS mode.
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