5 Bay USB3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure with Raid

  • Product Code
    ORICO NS500RU3
  • Material
    Aluminum Alloy + ABS
  • Supported Capacity
    50TB, 10TB Single Disk
  • Dimension
    136 x 252.3 x 168.5mm
  • Output Interface
  • Speed
    5Gbps UASP (Theoretical Speed)
  • Power Supply
  • Indicator
    Blue LED Indicator
  • Installation
    Tool Free
  • Supported System
    windows / Mac / Linux
NS Intelligent RAID series
Magnetic type Multi-bay storage system Private-storage super upgrade
Tool free, new voyage
Eight-chip magnetic type, patent design The HDD enclosure is tool free with special patent magnetic-door, can change different capacity hard drives, smoother than other machine’s design. Not only do not worried about the life of machine’s, it is also more smoothly, stable when change each HDD, amazing experience.
Mass capacity, up to 10TB single disk
Centre capacity for privatization firm grade As the increasing of data, cloud storage transition, and data safe problem, owning a private storage system is indispensible. International brand ORICO offers storage system ( Dual-bay, Four-bay, Five-bay, Eight-bay ), single-bay supports up to 10TB WD firm grade hard drive, renewable mass capacity Raid storage system.
5Gbps high-speed transmission
Real USB3.0, UASP speed up USB3.0 to SATA3.0 bridging solution, reach up to 5Gbps, supports UASP acceleration, improves the efficiency.
RAID Manager, Flexibility X Expansibility
Using the new ORICO RAID Manager to easily set up various RAID modes for different needs. Maintain RAID configuration when connected to computer, smart TV or other devices. Bringing a real experience of plug and play to HTPC and Mac users.
As firm as a rock
Create a five-star hard drive working environment
This time, cool and quiet
Its back is full of honeycomb cooling holes. A heat dissipation channel with straight-flow, ensures running in low temperature and quiet environment. Avoid overheating, ensure the stabilization for a long time using.
Ongoing power for mass capacity
Upgraded to 100V-230V with 78W mass power, hard drive works for kinds of device to consume power and data safe or other environment. Now 10TB and latter ones to upgrade, will have limitless capacity.
Circuit protection design
Built-in over current, overvoltage, electric leakage, short-circuit, clutter and other protection systems, ensures data safety.
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