8 Port USB Smart Desktop Charging Station

  • Product Code
  • Port
    8 USB Charging Ports
  • USB Output
    5V 0.1-2.4A Max
  • Input
  • Controller
    Intelligent Detective IC
  • Dimension
    114 x 68 x 25mm
  • Certificate
    CE / FCC / RoHS
  • Compatibility
    5V USB-enabled devices such as cellphone, tablet, power bank, bluetooth speaker, etc.
The new 8-core smart charging
DUB-8P adopts ORICO exclusive Super Charger intelligent charging technology, broad compatible, high efficiency output, can charge any 5V USB-enabled devices simultaneously, such as cellphone, tablet, GPS digital cameras. more convenient and powerful.
Unfettered, your desktop charging expert
ORICO DUB-8P, a smart charger for desktop, equips with two rubber bottom mat and 5Ft / 1.5M detachable power cord. You can easily be placed in any desktop and enjoy charging together with your family members, friends.
Intelligent charging technology
Speed is the basis for a superior user experience
It adopts intelligent charging converter technology, can easily identify your device model, automatically match the best current, so that charging speed will reach to optimal effect.
Safe charging mechanism
Suitable for using in worldwide
It can be used with power of notebook, also change different interfaces, global universal. What's more, its voltage will be converted to two times during the charging process (High voltage to 12V to 5V). More thoughtful and safer.
Fully optimize the charging efficiency
90% charging conversion rate
This charger adopts a new intelligent USB control and charge chip. Not only safer but also more effectively enhances the charging conversion rate. Stable to charging voltage and fully optimizing the charging efficiency.
Get rid of overheating
Safeguard equipments' charging security
We consider safe factor all the time while designing this charger. It can accommodate high-performance parts and support robust cooling. Even if you charge devices frequently at high temperatures, which can still maintain good charging performance.
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