Recently, ORICO will strongly launched a new product called Magibox, which includes private cloud disk, wireless routing, mobile power, remote resource sharing and other functions, to solve file sharing and backup problems for mobile phones, cameras, computers, UAVs and other digital devices. Meanwhile, it provides one-button solution for the problem that the security and privacy of the public cloud disk have been challenged repeatedly.

If you are a business man and have a lot of important data resources that need to be backed up and saved, its basic mobile hard disk capabilities will satisfy you;

If you always need to be on a business trip, and no Magibox with you, but as long as it is connected to the network, you can read the data by a computer or mobile phone at any time even in the thousands of miles away. It takes the place of public cloud, makes you no longer worried about privacy leakage, file corruption, slow downloading, resource locked and other problems.

If you take it with you, it will be more convenient: on your trip, you can open LAN and quickly share the internal audio and video data with your friends. If the hotel does not provide a wireless network or the signal is too bad, its wireless router function can quickly provide private wireless signals to you;

If you have travel and photography hobbies, it will become a major weapon for you: the built-in 8000mAh large capacity polymer battery always provides emergency power supply for electronic devices; if there is not enough memory for 4K aerial photography, it can be a digital companion to one-key backup TF/ SD card, which can make you feel at ease, save the cost of investing multiple memory cards and your valuable time.

When it comes to technology, this is the most extraordinary. Integrates the USB3.1 Type-C Gen2 interface into the product, the 10Gbps bandwidth can make you exciting. ORICO, regardless of cost, has always been committed to breakthrough technology, which is so rare.

For the pursuit of slim, ORICO has reached a strategic cooperation with Seagate, the world's largest HDD company, the Magibox is equipped with its 7mm customized hard disk as the storage medium.

In order to allow individual users to better build a private cloud server, ORICO has developed APP software, which is convenient for users to manage resources through LAN and WAN, and supports Windows, Android, IOS and other mainstream system, the humanized design can bring you more convenient and intimate use experience.

ORICO mobile Magibox is a new concept product that can help the general public to build personal private cloud, and meet the diversified needs of wireless routing, mobile hard disk, emergency power supply, digital companion and so on. If you want to know more secrets of it, in September 5th, the products will launch crowd-funding program in Jingdong, then you can go to find out.

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