On September 06, 2022, Beijing time, the winners of the second quarter of the 2022 MUSE Design Awards were announced. Three products from two sub-brands of Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., LTD - ORICO and Ntonpower won this award. The ORICO M3 Docking Station and Ntonpower Pocket Socket stood out in the fierce competition and won the silver and gold awards of the 2022 American MUSE International Creative Awards respectively. Moreover, the ORICO Portable EV Charge Gun won the highest award - The Platinum Award enriching the international award lists of the company.

The MUSE Design Awards is a part of the MUSE Awards Program, which was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015. IAA’s inception was based on a mission to honor, promote and encourage creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design production and distribution. IAA’s mission has largely shaped MUSE Design Awards' goals.

Fundamentally, the MUSE Design Awards is an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shifts paradigms. Their ingenuity and thorough works leave others in awe, redefining boundaries and scope – much like a muse. As a highly influential international award, the Muse Design Award is known for its strict judging system and high judging standards. Professionals working in world-renowned creative and digital industry-leading institutions from 23 countries are selected as jurors to ensure fair and impartial assessment.

According to the official note, the jury of this year is composed of 110 professionals in various fields from 38 countries around the world and has received more than 6,000 entries from more than 100 countries/regions. The three products of Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., LTD competed with many top designers, and they lived up to expectations and won good results. The three products have unique and novel product expressions, whether their appearance design or user experience, or the re-structuring of applications.

NO.1 ORICO Portable EV Charger

The portable EV charger is the first attempt of Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., LTD in the new energy field. We have invested heavily in product research and innovation and we have invited experts in the new energy charging field to provide professional guidance. It took a lot of effort to produce a brand-new EV charger whose quality is as good as the old-fashioned brands on the market.

Product Introduction

16A Portable EV Charger is an industry-leading intelligent charger for electric vehicles. It can be charged anywhere without grounding wires, beyond the traditional charging method. 16A high current combined with 3.5kW AC charging ensures its stable operation. LED temperature monitor of the plug and controller in real time prevents overheating, safely and efficiently. The material reaches IP66 waterproof and dustproof, available in multiple scenarios. Moreover, it is suitable for 99% of the new energy vehicles on the market with wide compatibility. Users are free to make a fast and convenient charge. The overload monitor of the charging gun inspired by CD creation is equipped with a digital display screen for users to grasp the clear charging time, charging efficiency and power consumption. In addition, the LED monitors the temperature of the plug and the controller in real time. When the temperature reaches 80℃, it will automatically power off and turn on over-temperature protection. When the temperature drops to 70℃, it will automatically resume normal charging. This effectively prevents over-temperature charging and ensures electricity safety. The product has excellent waterproof and dustproof features with the waterproof level reaches IP66 standard, higher than the industry standard requirements. It can be safely and normally charged outdoors even in heavy rain, which can meet the needs of users in multiple occasions. And when the charger enters the charging state or it is fully charged, it is locked to ensure safety and convenience. The shell of this product is made of imported high-flame-retardant and high-strength PC materials, which meet requirements of environmental protection as it is toxic-free and odorless, degradable and recyclable. The cable of national safety standard is safer and more stable. Moreover, new energy vehicles protect the environment through reducing energy consumption, and improve work efficiency through convenient charging, which is in line with the green concept of sustainable development.

NO.2 Ntonpower Pocket Power

Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., LTD launched its self-developed USB digital socket as early as November 2014 at the China International High-tech Achievement Fair. The combination of AC strips and sockets won much praise and feedback at the high-tech fair. Since then, the USB digital power strip is always a trendy and unique classic product on the market. This year, Ntonpower, a sub-brand of Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., LTD redefines the boundaries and scope of the USB digital power strip.

With its special power stacking structure and admirable storage design, the creative pocket power launched by Ntonpower is small as the size of a credit card but endowed with 7 available ports, and the wires can be perfectly stored in the socket. whether the product configuration or the choice of the interface position, it is the most practical answer given after practical experiences, which can be called a subversive product with both aesthetics and practicality.

Product Introduction
Pocket Power is a new-fashioned intelligent plug of pocket size. Its power strip adopts a surge-free design and is fireproof with FCC certification. The pocket power is equipped with 4 sockets and 3 USB charging ports, with full compatibility without a variety of converters for multiple devices. It is suitable for both home office and business trip with its small size easy to carry and space-saving, which is convenient for users in multiple occasions. And the eco-friendly materials used in the product save resources and protect the environment.This product is similar to the size of a bank card that can be carried around and is lightweight and convenient, so it is called the pocket power. With 4 AC sockets (2 triple prong and 2 dual prong) and 3 USB ports, it can power up to 7 devices simultaneously, providing full 15.5W fast charging. In addition, it is compatible with all standard socket voltages (100V-250V) in the world with no need for various converters, and is suitable for charging multiple devices to meet the needs of different scenarios.This product is FCC approved with its shell made from an up-to-1382F fireproof PC materials. This product uses a surge-free design and is fully cruise approved. Its built-in safety shutter, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection provide safe power for connected devices, ensuring that the sturdy and durable product enables users to have a lasting and secure experience. The product adopts a simple and clear line design. Its compact three-sided socket saves desktop space, and can be perfectly integrated into any indoor environment. The soft retractable 4ft short cord with silicone cable not only avoids walking from wall socket to night table or office desk, but also can be well stored in the wire slot. Crooked neck design of the plug also enables plugging in tight and narrow spaces indoors, ensuring users’ comfortable and convenient experience. This product is made of imported high-flame-retardant and high-strength PC material, which meets requirements of environmental protection as it is toxic-free and odorless, degradable and recyclable, in line with sustainable development.


This award-winning product - the M3 docking station, follows the classic silver metal style of Apple products. Whether its shape or metal texture, are all significant features of Apple’s.

ORICO M3 HUB is featured by its 34° inclination which is the perfect solution that has taken user experience into account and passed numerous tests. Just like the dilemma of opening a MacBook with one hand, this hub makes plugging and unplugging more easily. Facts have also proved that this is a combination of beauty and practicality. Perhaps it should be said that the ultimate practicality Must be beautiful.

Product Introduction

M3 Hub with Charging is a series of high-end aluminum alloy USB card reader hubs. It can support multiple USB-A3.2 ports (3/4/7 ports) at the same time, free from the worry of insufficient ports in the host device. It is efficient and convenient with multi-systems compatibility with excellent charging power and transmission speed, adaptable to different scenarios. There is also a built-in security module to protect the security of connected devices and their data. The MAC style of its appearance and the unique 34° slope are simple and fashionable, bringing users a comfortable and perfect experience. The product, with its shell made of light and frosted aluminum-magnesium alloy, is both artistic and environmentally friendly. This series supports multiple USB ports (3/4/7 ports) in use at the same time. It is driver-free and compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux and other systems, as well as easy to connect without any interruption or lag. It can easily transfer large files in seconds and ensure normal power supply with total charging power up to 60W and maximum transfer speed up to 10Gbps. Moreover, an independent power adapter is equipped to support high-power devices and drive large-capacity hard disk. Data transmission is thus more efficient and convenient, improving the work efficiency of office workers. The alloy shell of the product is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant, and can easily dissipate heat with constant temperature protecting the inner core from overheating. In addition, the built-in safety protection modules of charge, and discharge, as well as against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and overrate, can effectively protect the connected devices and their data security. Its 34° ergonomic and healthy backup design conforms to the most comfortable posture of the human body, making it easier to plug and unplug. The product is made of aluminum alloy material with its surface anodized in its small shape of simple design. Therefore, it has a long service life as it is corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed, which not only eliminates environmental pollution but also reduces the excessive exploitation of natural resources.

Winning the MUSE International Design Award, is not only an affirmation of Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., LTD’s technology, and aesthetics philosophy but also another milestone that marked our continuous efforts in innovation and the pursuit of better products. In the future, we will continue to explore technology and focus on our core competence, bringing more creative and user-friendly products to the market.

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