3.5 inch Hard Drive Protection Case HDD Protector Box

  • Product Code
    ORICO PS35-5
  • Size
    3.5 inch HDD/SSD
  • Color
  • Material
    PP Plastic
  • Label
    Unique Marking Label Design
Manage and store mass data
Anti-fall, pressureproof, shockproof, moistureproof and waterproof.
Protect hard drives and data
Hard drives is valuable to us, so we need to protect them from static and shock, and this hard drive protection box is your ideal choice.
Waterproof and anti-static, more environment-friendly
ORICO PHP35 is made of healthy and nontoxic PP material, which protects hard drives from water, static and dusts, more environment-friendly.
EVA crash pads
Customized for 3.5 inch hard drives; built-in 8 EVA crash pads reduce friction and collision to keep data safe.
Slot design, steady to place
Inner solid structure withstands external pressure; user-friendly slot design is easy to stack up many hard drive protection boxes stably.
Easy to use
Without any tools or learning tutorials, you just open the snap joint and put 3.5 inch hard drive in it, then it's OK.
Classify on the label
Write information on the label and classify different hard drives, helping to find data you need quickly.
Product details
Snap joint design, easy to store, more reliable; EVA shockproof cushion reduces the shock of hard drives; memo records different information of hard drives; solid structure keeps hard drives safe and undistorted; stacking slot is easy to stack up and manage more hard drives, more stable.
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