PCl-E M.2 SSD Card with Raid

  • Product Code
  • Material
    Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Modes
  • SSD Supported
    Up to 22*80mm
  • Interface
  • Mainboard PCI-E Ports
    PCI-E*4, PCI-E*8, PCI-E*16
  • Speed
    Up to 10Gbps (Theoretical Speed)
  • Supported System
    Windows ,Linux
Designed for fanciers
PRS2 RAID card is designed specifically for enthusiast gamers, using two M.2 SSD to set up RAID 0 and PCI-E port to achieve real 10Gbps. Provides superspeed running experience for gamers to enjoy the pleasure of the game.
Set up RAID, high-speed transmission
Supports RAID 0/RAID 1/ AHCI, RAID 0 enables the speed reach up to 10Gbps.
PCIE+RAID, open a new era of SSD
The speed of normal M.2 SSD is about 3-400Mb/s. RAID 0 doubles the speed of M.2, enables to make full play of the PCI-E slot on the mainboard, realizes the read speed up to 800Mb/s, write speed to 700Mb/s, much better than ordinary SSD.
Comparison of M.2 PCI-E SSD RAID Performances
Worry-free choice
M.2 is Intel's new generation of interface standards tailored for the ultrabook. Equipped with PCI-E bus, the M.2 SSD has sufficient read and write speed bandwidth. Compared to traditional SATA3.0 SSD, it is much smaller and lighter.
Good-looking, multiple cooling holes
Alloy panel + precision PCBA board, exquisite workmanship, high-grade appearance with stainless steel shield, dustproof and good heat-dissipation. Built-in LED light indicates working status through the outer baffle. Bring you high-speed experience.
Widely applicable
Adopts PCI-Express X4 interface, compatible with X8, X16 slots, fully compatible with PCI-E3.0, PCI-E2.0 and PCI-E1.0.
Wide compatibility, meets expansion needs
Works great with Windows, Linux and more.
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