3 AC Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Charging Port

  • Product Code
  • Interface
    3 AC Outlets, 2 USB Charging Ports
  • USB Input
    AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
  • Rated Power
    1875W (125V 15A)
  • USB Output
    5V4A 20W (5V2.4A Max Per Port)
  • Charging Protection
    Overload Switch / Individual Switch
  • Safety Protection
    Surge Protection
  • Dimension
    200*88 * 41mm
Harmonize with modern home
Match with your MacBook
According to modern household style, ORICO redesigned this compact and delicate surge protector which is harmonious with your domestic environment, not only a applicable and safe surge protector, but also a great decoration for house.
2 USB charging ports, plug and play
ORICO NPC provides 2 USB fast charging ports whose output of single port is up to 2.4A since that you can easily charge devices with only USB data cables, no more AC outlets, clean and tidy.
Double lightning protection
Double lightning protection, lightning board: 3KV, USB charge: 1KV, preventing short circuit in stormy day.
Independent switch
The master switch controls those independent switches, and you can turn on or off corresponding switch as needed.
Baby's safety, our concern
Equipped with standalone safety gate per outlet to protect curious babies, when fingers or metal objects vertically plug in, one outlet needs 15kg strength to open safety gates; nevertheless, you can easily use inserting the ordinary plug.
Integrated copper design
Integrated conductive copper and connecting technology make this perfect surge protector, every component remarkable, more durable.
Safety is most important
Over load protection prevents danger caused by overload; over charge protection prevents battery over charging; over heat protection prevents battery over heating when charging or discharging; short circuit protection automatically protects when short out; over charge protection prevents battery over discharging; over power protection prevents battery over power discharging; over voltage protection prevents battery over charging or discharging voltage; over current protection prevents battery over discharging current.
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