The afternoon of November 2, 2017, CQC lab and ORICO leading technology held the unveiling ceremony in ORICO industrial park, which marks a strategic partnership between ORICO and the CQC lab. ORICO will continue to manage quality control and provide consumers with higher quality products. CQC lab director Hu Xiaohong, Zhou Yingjin, engineer Xiang Yu, ORICO deputy general manager Ding Xianlin, Li Pingyi attended the opening ceremony.

ORICO deputy general manager Ding Xianlin warmly welcomed and addressed the opening ceremony. He said, since the establishment of the company, the quality of the product has always been the top priority, and cooperating with the CQC laboratory not only represents the CQC laboratory's approval of ORICO, but also helps us to create a better quality control system, improve the quality of the whole product, recognized and respected by the whole industry! CQC lab director Hu Xiaohong, Zhou Yingjin delivered a warm speech at the opening ceremony. They said, ORICO's product quality has been in a leading position in the industry, which has laid a solid foundation for cooperation with the CQC lab. The CQC laboratory promises to provide the largest support and service to ORICO, and to accompany ORICO goes farther and farther on the road of globalization!

It is reported that the CQC laboratory is the National Compulsory Product Certification Center designated by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration, the Product Quality Supervision Center authorized by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Power Tool Products authorized by China Machinery Industry Federation, CB testing laboratory accredited by IEC and China Quality Certification Center entrusted Laboratory.

After the opening ceremony, director Hu, director Zhou, engineer Xiang, general manager Ding, and manager Li visited and supervised the factory, then held a meeting to strengthen the deep communication between the CQC laboratory and ORICO. ORICO is committed to prove Chinese manufacturing, and hoped that under the full support and careful guidance of CQC lab, the company can improve the quality awareness, quality training, quality testing and quality management. ORICO will continue to give top priority to product quality, adhere to the first-class quality control, to provide high-quality products for consumers, promote the beauty of Chinese manufacturing!

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