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Visible Chip, Technology in Your Life

Advocate Technology
Innovate the Future

Storage + Expansion
Original transparent design, “naked” sincerity.

We advocate high tech as well as better life, so we’d like to merge technologies into our life and persist in innovation and fine crafts. Our USB smart life peripherals are devoted to better and more convenient life.
Since ORICO was founded, we have constantly stuck to original pioneering spirit. In 2017, our full transparent products, such as external HDD enclosure and hard drive dock appeared in the market. And we started all-round developing and producing transparent products in 2018, which meets our life and work demands continuously.

Achieve More Creative Desktop Crafts

Expansion & Storage Combined

Our desktop HUB, HDD enclosure, hard drive dock, Bluetooth speaker and more products make your desktop clean and tidy, which also give you a mysterious sense of technology.
We keep upgrading product performance constantly, for example, 4-port HUB is upgraded to 7 ports and its size becomes smaller and smaller. HDD enclosure and hard drive dock are enabled USB3.0, USB3.1, Type-C and more interfaces, supporting HDDs of various types and capacities. All your demands are satisfied.
Transparent design makes it easier to distinguish files without any labels. HDD enclosure, hard drive dock can be coped with HUB, which brings great convenience to your work.

Visible Charm of Technology

Newly emerging technology inclines to be “minimalist”, and interfaces of more laptops tend to be gradually reduced. So desktop HUB is an ideal solution to the problem.
Transparent body shows confidence in our fine craftsmanship. Its structure is clearly visible so you don’t need to worry about any damages while disassembling and installing it.
Like a great “artwork”, it evokes all your desire for having it.

Transparent Speaker,
Perfect Life Companion

Listen to beautiful melodies at your leisure time, relieve your pressure and make you relaxing, free to be yourself.

Transparent Series Products
  • 3.5inch Type-C HDD Enclosure

    Universal to 2.5/3.5 HDD


  • Single-bay Type-C Hard Drive Dock

    Universal to 2.5/3.5 HDD, USB3.1 Gen1


Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth4.2/Hi-fi/3 Modes


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