New Generation -3D NAND TECHNOLOGY

Boosted Storage Density,
Enhanced Performance

The whole series of ORICO Troodon solid-state drives are powered by 3D NAND flash, and the storage density is higher than traditional 2D flash. Reached the high level of storage density in the industry, and greatly enhancing the transmission performance, making it easy to process a large amount of stored data.

Troodon- Armor Series

All it Protect is Memory

- External Mobile SSD

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Troodon- Wing Series

Light. Compact. Fast.

—External Mobile SSD

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Troodon- Shield Series

Designed to Stable. Built to Rugged.

- External Mobile SSD

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Complement Your Storage Experience

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ORICO’s Ten Years Experience in Storage

The Excellent SSD Solution You Never Had

ORICO’s SSD has achieved a strong presence in personal consumption storage through its rapidly program response, quick data processing and stable flash.

Troodon in Armor H100

Cool down
Speed Up

SATA3.0 protocol, the SSD you better choose.

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Troodon M200

No Delay
Exceptional Responsivity

-mSATA interface, born for the notebook.

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Troodon N300

SSD Master Always Evolving Performance

Enhanced LDPC algorithm, less loading time.

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Troodon V500

Dominate the E-Sport
with Ferocious Speed

PCI-E ×4, approximately four times faster than the traditional SSD

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