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Brand Story

ORICO was founded in 2009, which is innovative high-tech enterprise rooted in R & D of intelligent digital peripherals. Based on strength of R & D, strict attitude of production, rich experience of R & D and long-term marketing planning, ORICO insists on providing more convenient products with high performance for individuals, families or enterprises. ORICO is well known for its reliable and innovative image. And it is remembered by cooperated partners deeply because of its fast speed, strict attitude, high quality.

Catch the sun in winter
Since ORICO was founded by Xu Yeyou, it has been devoting to changing troublesome situations in life through product innovation and respect people’s wish of improving life to make it better. At the beginning, desktops were being replaced by laptops gradually, then, the updating of desktops was like the sun in winter, vigorous and lively. Xu Yeyou grasped this opportunity, started with IT storage peripherals, provided reliable solution to massive data’s storage. Meanwhile he came up with USB expansion products planning to improve functions of lightweight laptops to make them as well useful as desktops. And he also put forward the first generation concept of products “Easy Your PC”, which made a great difference to PC peripherals industry.
Small changes triggered Butterfly Effect
With the technical accumulation, ORICO started to pursue breakthroughs. To begin with familiar HDD enclosure, it discarded troublesome screw installation of HDD enclosure. “Tool Free” design was favored by mass market. At the time of digital mobiles/tablets’ development, ORICO reformed the traditional power strip and firstly launched USB intelligent power strip equipped with digital chargers, which brought a large market demand. Inspired by Apple transparent host, ORICO designed full transparent series, from chip to capacitance, revealing sincerity and confidence.
Meanings of constant tech exploration
Like new element of our brand “Archimedes Screw” that will expand to further places through changing directions little by little, ORICO also persists in continuous exploration and changes to explore more possibilities. Constant exploration will bring meanings to people’s life, which becomes power resource for brand to pursue innovations and developments.

Brand Events

Start overall innovation and upgrade of brand.
New industrial chain incubation platform of ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park was established formally.
Quality Control Center established by PICC IWS and Dongguan Quality Inspection!
ORICO branch in Hunan was established, which meant the operation of brand’s global e-commerce center. At the same time, ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park was founded in Dongguan.
ORICO acquired “National High-tech Enterprise” certification.
Products entered into America, Spain, Britain, French and more places.
ORICO developed Thailand, Korea, Germany offline channels, meanwhile, the headquarter located in Shenzhen Zhonghaixin Science & Technology Park.
ORICO officially entered in Tmall, JD, Yixun, Newegg, Amazon, Suning, Gome and more mainstream e-commerce platforms, start online channels.
ORICO was founded formally.

Tech Development


“Tool free” design promoted innovation of HDD enclosure installation. Joined SATA-IO Association to ensure high interoperability of products of SATA series.


Cooperated with WD and deeply discussed the breakthrough of storage tech. Became an important cooperated partner of VIA Labs in China and formally launched wireless cloud storage system.


Researched and developed intelligent digital power strip, and started JD Crowdfunding in 2015, which achieved a lot.


Began to research data transmission and power transmission technology including Type-C, USB2.0, USB3.0, etc.


ORICO and Fresco reached a strategic partnership. And the representative product-transparent series appeared in market.


Cooperated with Toshiba and researched various personal storage solutions including personal cloud storage, mobile backup, etc.


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