Ten years of glory, Ten years of new chapter
10 Years of Innovative R&D
10 Years of Company
ORICO's ten years of development are full of challenges, but there are always such a group of people, they help, support and acompany us. Thanks to having you all the way.
10 Years, A New Start
The brand focuses on the development and production of USB technology peripheral products, including USB data transmission technology, Type-C technology application, USB power transmission technology, etc. Currently, the brand has laid out a new product line including backuper, Thunderbolt 3, SSD etc. in the future, these major sectors will also be the focus of the brand.
Little change,big difference
The new brand concept is to explore and create a big difference in the way of accumulating small changes. To fully present the brand's future layout with the newly upgraded VI.
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Phone Peripherals
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Smart Life
  • Personal Care
  • High-end Gaming
10th Anniversary Celebration Scene
Celebration Starts
At the beginning of the whole celebration, the founder of the brand and the leader of Changping Town of Dongguan gave a speech and kicked off the celebration. They reviewed the brand's ten-year development and future planning and development direction together with thousands of people, including agents, suppliers, company employees and family members.
Self-directed Show
The relaxed and joyful songs and dances, sketches and stage plays are all fun, showing the vigorous spirit.
Award-winning Agents, Suppliers
The ten-year development is inseparable from the support of all partners. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ORICO, many partners at home and abroad have also been invited to participate, thanks to the support and guidance over the years.
A Great Gathering
If we compare a ten-year development enterprise to a ship that sails on the sea, all of our ORICO people are like sailors on a ship, we facing storms together and enjoying sunshine together. Many ORICO people spent their best years with ORICO, and ushered in a new phase of life in ORICO.
Celebration Moments
10 Years Together, Thanks for Having You All the Way


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