IPFS brings an on-going sensation

When it comes to block chains, people outside the industrial firstly think about some acknowledged features like decentration and credit construction and more. Ever-developing block chain presents more demands to traditional storage, nevertheless, how does the traditional storage satisfy ever-growing block chain?

Under traditional network environment, http protocol is indispensable while accessing network or servers. When you enter the url, click the webpage link, the complete file (webpage, videos, images and more) will be downloaded to central server address. If there are many people visiting it at the same time, the network will be blocked and low-speed.

IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) is a distributed web, which employs point-to point hypermedia protocol. Any resources stored in this system, including texts, images, audios, videos and website codes, will produce its unique address through IPFS Hash algorithm. With the addition of protection from encryption algorithm, the address cannot be tampered or deleted, which means that data will be permanent once stored in IPFS. There are some repetitive files on the internet, such as music, films and so on. PFS locates public resources through content addressable technology. It stores multiple files on different computers dispersedly through Hash algorithm. Users can visit a file according to Hash address. Furthermore, its point-to-point feature fragments files and stores them on computers or servers which are the nearest to users. And download speed are increased remarkably. Therefore, IPFS makes our network quicker, safer and more open.

InterPlanetary Cloud Storage W1000 is the No.1 Gen distributed storage devices belonging to ORICO that embarks IPFS protocol. And it supports data download from multiple nodes simultaneously, which becomes much faster than HTTP that needs to download from central servers. Meanwhile, IPFS saves users' storage space a lot due to its block chain technology and utilization of Filecoin to stimulate miners' sharing of their own hard drives. As for security, all visits will be distributed to different nodes, even attacker itself which is acting as a node, owning to its ability to against DDos attack. So ORICO InterPlanetary Cloud Storage is safer than traditional storage.

It adopts aluminum alloy material, surface abrasive blasting and anodizing technique. It features mechanism installation; thicken aluminum alloy chassis, partitioned hard drive bracket, fixation nuts, shockproof silicone mat and more to protect data. With Large-area honeycomb ventilation holes on both, it brings great heat dissipation performance. Built-in 10 hot-swapping hard drive bays, plug and play, give you unlimited expansion and capacity.

ORICO InterPlanetary Cloud Storage aims at providing forceful foundation for block chain through IPFS protocol, and offering users superior, reliable and private new Gen distributed cloud storage, to accelerate development of next Gen distributed cloud storage network.

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