In the fast information era, people tend to buy PCs and mobile phones which are light and thin. This requires that each electronic component to compress the volume and increase speed. We all know that SSD is fast, light, low consumption and small; it is the best choice for users. Before the advent of NVMe, the vast majority of SSDs used AHCI and SATA protocols. Today, AHCI can't keep up with the development of SSD performance. The smaller and more powerful M.2 interface SSD supporting NVME protocol comes.

NVMe (Non-VolatileMemory express) is a kind of AHCI-like protocol built on the M.2 interface. It is a protocol specially designed for flash-like storage. M.2 SSD changed 2.5-inch state, became lighter and thinner, and it was more compliant on the motherboard. The M.2 interface supporting NVME protocol has bigger bandwidth, faster transmission speed and greatly reduced the delay of the SSD.

ORICO's new NVME M.2 solid-state transparent enclosure (10Gbps) continues its innovative technology, using a scientifically transparent material + aluminum alloy panel. The material and quality are clearly visible under its transparent shell. The product has good heat-dissipation performance: 1. Double-sided copper strip, porous heat dissipation, stable operation. 2. Aluminum fin heat sink strip, increase the heat transfer area. 3. Built-in heat-dissipation silicone grease to quickly dissipate heat.

This NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure adopts high-speed JMS583 chip, supports UASP + Trim protocols, 10Gbps speed, and the measured read and write speed can reach 992MB/s. At the same time, it also supports 2TB large capacity expansion. In addition, the slide-type design greatly facilitates the installation, which can be operated successfully in four steps.

2TB capacity, U disk-like volume —— ORICO NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure is suitable for playing large-scale games and transferring large files.

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