As Asia's leading information and communications technology industry event, the 2019 COMPUTEX will be held in Taipei from May 28 and runs through June 1. This year's exhibition was located Nangang exhibition hall 2, the scope of this exhibition includes eight-core themes: communication and networking products, mobile device accessories, computer peripherals products, SmarTEX, information security and video monitoring, touch and display products, intelligent retail and business solutions, national pavilion. The COMPUTEX Taipei has gone through more than 30 years, it witnessed the development of the computer industry, all the way from desktop to notebook, tablet, and VR, IOT technology. Every new product release can cause high attention of the industry and lead the development of the industry, in a sense, COMPUTEX is not an exhibition which only displays the new computers, but is based on the product form of computer, derived to a variety of applications, and on this basis, the formation of ecological system of artificial intelligence.

During the COMPUTEX, ORICO as a regular exhibitor to this exhibition, will launch new products of seven major product lines that including computer peripherals, phone peripherals, electronics, entertainment, personal care, smart life and high-end gaming, etc. ORICO booth located in J0329a, and the professional sales team will be on hand to answer the questions about the products and application for all the clients and customers at any time.

It is well known that docking station is an external device which designed for laptop. Through copying and extending the port of the laptop, it can help laptop easily connect to multiple accessories or external devices (such as power adapter, network cable, mouse, keyboard, printer and display). Nowadays, laptops are getting thinner with lesser ports, and even single Type-C interface laptop is becoming mainstream. ORICO this time brings the docking station has multiple functions, interfaces of product can meet almost all the needs of users: with gigabit ethernet port, file download fast, stable gaming; with HDMI and VGA port, connected to the TV, projector, monitor, having a HD screen; support TF, SD card, U disk and mobile hard-drive to read data simultaneously, convenient data storage, no need to switch frequently, Type-c power port can be directly charged for the notebook.

Based on the brand concept of "small change, big difference", ORICO has always been oriented by the essential demand of market consumers and constantly create value for customers. There are so many types of docking stations on the market, clients want to create products that fits the needs, the OEM and ODM service which exclusive on ORICO can help the client to promote the realization of requirement. ORICO has 6 owned factories include hardware mold factory, plastic mold factory, SMT factory, assembly factory and packaging factory. With a unique 211 supply model, it can create a flexible supply chain with a capacity of over 4 billion yuan (CN currency), and respond sensitively to market demand. Streamline the collaborative process and serve each partner patiently.

After opening day of COMPUTEX, many of the ORICO quality products such as docking station, power bank, power strip, HUB and so on has been recognized by users at domestic and foreign, the exhibition will lasting four days, warmly welcome more clients to visit the ORICO booth.

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