Time goes by, even morning to the evening, is only in the blink of an eye. ORICO has gone through in the corridor of time for a whole decade unconsciously. Over the past ten years, ORICO has been developing and expanding in the digital technology accessories industry. On the way of developing, ORICO always adhered to the brand concept of “small change, big difference”, and constantly strive to give people a better life through small changes.

In 2019, ORICO reaches 10th anniversary. During the 10th anniversary, ORICO will hold the 10th anniversary celebration of ORICO Group and annual global agent conference Invitation in Dongguan, Guangdong province on July 6. During the celebration, there will set segments included guest registration, photos session, performances, address by superior and staff interviews, in the meantime, we will also invite agents, suppliers and other business partners, employees and their families, loyal users and resigned employees as well to witness ORICO’s development in the past ten years. The celebration of the 10th anniversary will close the distance between employees, to enhance the cohesion among enterprise teams, ORICO is look forward to it with everyone.

Review the past, ORICO has been dedicated to the USB peripheral industry since its beginning in 2009. In the 2010, ORICO started to officially entered domestic and foreign large e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, Amazon, etc., At the meantime, ORICO was established depth partnership with leading media in industry includes ZOL, PConline, MyDrivers, etc. After that, ORICO has released the first “tool-free” hard-drive enclosure in the storage market in 2011, furthermore, ORICO released the first transparent hard-drive enclosure which inspired by Apple’s transparent computer. By the year of 2012, ORICO peripheral products officially landed in Spain, US and UK, and made its debuted at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong, October. Then in 2013, ORICO has built strategic partnership in China with WD, a well-known hard drive manufacturer. In 2014, ORICO was marched in international digital exhibitions. A year after, ORICO has also develop in-depth strategic cooperation with VIA, and issued the development plan of Type-C series product. In addition, ORICO and Dongguan Administration of Quality Supervision joint established the OIRCO Brand Quality R&D Center in 2016. Moreover, ORICO has also reached a strategic partnership with Seagate and established a vertical incubation platform for emerging industrial chains in 2017. ORICO set up the strategic consensus with Toshiba, and some of the product was awarded the title of “High-tech Products” at provincial level or above for 2018. By April of this year, ORICO has winned the title of “2019 Top20 Chinese Cross-border Brands”

Over the past ten years, ORICO has understood that all its achievements are inseparable from the support and contribution of our colleagues, agents, partners and customers. The past is on history, and ORICO has confidence that it will continue to do better in the next new year.

Looking forward to the future, ORICO will see the next ten years as a new chapter and will continue to change the next ten years.

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