• Why can’t my hard drive dock read or recognize the hard disk?
    1. A new hard disk should be formatted before it is used.
    2. Check the USB connection. Go to the computer and right-click, check disk management and the status - maybe the system's allocation of a drive letter is wrong.
    3. Check whether one of the hard disks is offline. If so please connect the offline hard disk again.
    4. Please confirm your port - the computer interface usually is eSATA. Generally, most of computer’s eSATA interface doesn’t have PM port (it has copy function). The eSATA port only can recognize one hard disk. But, our Multiple USB port and our expansion’s in eSATA’s port can recognize two hard disks at the same time.
    5. After refreshing the firmware, please refresh the original firmware again. Also, you can download the firmware from the official website
  • Why isn’t the HDMI port of the docking station working?
    1. It may be the resolution set by the computer cannot be displayed normally on the monitor side, or the monitor side does not support the normal display of the resolution. It is recommended that you set the same resolution on the computer side as your monitor.
    2. It may also be that your system is abnormal. You can try to use HDMI to connect to other monitors to see if the signal can be output normally. If there is a signal output it indicates that there is no problem on the computer side, at least the hardware and software are not damaged. If there is no signal output, you can probably determine that there is an abnormality on the computer side, whether it is hardware or software, you can test it out.
    Note: If possible try another computer to check if it can be used. If it can’t be used, it’s a product problem; If yes it’s something wrong with the computer. Some computer interfaces do not support video signal output.
  • Why doesn't my hub respond?
    First check if there is a power hub. The hub with power must be powered on before it can be used. Then go to the device manager of the computer to see if there is an exclamation mark or question mark. Generally, the driver can be scanned and repaired by the driver life or driver wizard.
    If the USB3.0 or USB2.0 driver shows a question mark, then you need to uninstall the USB3.0 driver in the device manager and rescan and install it.
  • Clone Steps for Hard Drive Dock
    Step 1: Insert the hard disk - put the target disk to the target one, and put the source disk to the source one.
    Step 2: Slide the switch to the clone position.
    Step 3: Turn on the supply power and double-click the start button.

    1. The target disk’s capacity must be larger than the source one.
    2. Don’t connect the USB cable or eSATA cable when you are cloning.
    3. The target disk shows 'offline status‘ after the dock is copied offline, connected to the computer, and adjusted to PC mode. You need to connect the computer with a USB cable, then go to the ’disk management and find ‘target disk': right-click and select online.
    4. When source disk and target disk capacity are different, it appears two words: an offline partition and an unallocated partition. You need to connect the computer first and find an unallocated partition to create a simple volume so that the target disk could be used.
    5. Since the hard disk position indicator is always on, the hard disk progress indicator light flashes back and forth.
  • Why can’t my hard disk enclosure read or recognize the hard disk?
    1. Given the hard disk itself is working well, please kindly check all the devices according to these steps.

    2. The new hard disk needs to be formatted.
    3. Since M.2 hard disk has two protocols: SATA protocol and NVMe protocol, choose NGFF for hard disk with SATA and choose NVMe for hard disk with NVMe protocol.
    4. Be sure you choose the right data cable - USB and Type -C.
    5. Check if the LED light is working.
  • Brands comparison
    Answer: ORICO uses imported control chips, ICs, original devices, PCBA boards that are developed by ourselves, and all molds are ORICO. ORICO uses all SMD components, so the materials are completely different.
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