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Sell well for 15 years

Opened up domestic and overseas offline channels in 70+ countries around the world for 15 years

Superior R&D Team

Established a professional R & D team of nearly 100 structural engineers, electronic engineers, etc.

World Support

Global digital warehousing, products can be sold all over the world

High Quality Assurance

Advice, tips, and tools to help you save people's lives

For Different Situation

ODM Progress

Market analysis
Lock target and cost
Serialized product planning
Identify needs and evaluate
Deposit for R&D
Schedule test, certification
Confirm sample
Open mold for sample
Pay mould cost
Design sketch and prototype
Become a Distributor
We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.
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Need to contact us? Just send us an e-mail at Supports@orico.com.cn