After-sale Policy
ORICO commits to provide 7-day Refund, 15-day Exchange, 1-year Quality Warranty.
Quality warranty are not compatible with the following conditions:

1、Reworked products without ORICO’s approval; The serial number or warranty sticker has been altered, defaced or removed;

2、Normal wear and tear of the product;

3、Products that have been artificially damaged by improper operation.

4、Products that have been damaged by accidents or natural disasters.

5、Products have been reworked or repaired by unauthorized agencies.

6、Warranty service will be carried out according to “Limited Warranty Clause” in the third policy.

For your own benefits, please mind the following information
For a smooth return and refund, quality warranty, please follow these steps:
Limited Warranty Policy

1、Products that have been artificially damaged by mistake, abuse, wrong operation, accidents or natural disasters.(Like spillage of food or liquid, flooding water, shattering, scratching, etc )

2、 Products that have been reworked and damaged by unauthorized agencies that are not approved by ORICO.

3、 Improper accessories, operation against User Manual or any wrong transportation and accidents to the product.

4、 Products that have been damaged by improper or wrong operation.

5、 Normal wear and tear of product surface, such as labels, parts, etc.

6、 The product is beyond the warranty period.

7、 No purchasing proof or invoice, except product which can be proved that it is in warranty period.

ORICO is not liable for:

1、 Please fill in the repair form in regular script. You should fill in the user’s name, contact number, fault phenomenon, request for testing or repair and other content. we will judge and handle it according to the content filled out by the user.

2、Please backup information stored in the product to other devices and delete those in the product before sending it to repair to avoid loss or leakage.

*If the above is inconsistent with or missing from the national policy, the national policy shall prevail.

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