Sell well for 11 years worldwide

Since the establishment of ORICO, it has opened up domestic and overseas offline channels in many countries around the world for 11 years, and has independent agents and distributors in many countries. ORICO has been accepted by the industry in the external HDD enclosure and USB3.0 peripherals for four consecutive years, our fast charging surge protector keeps the top 5 in the rapid growth.

Superior R&D Team

We are committed to providing innovative and practical solutions for customers' needs. Established a professional R & D team of nearly 100 senior engineers, structural engineers, electronic engineers, etc. Develop thousands of products such as USB storage, USB expansion, USB power strip, USB charging, digital accessories, and quality peripherals. We maintain the R&D of new products every week.

Annual production capacity over 4B.

Adopting 5S management is the premise of creating excellent products. ORICO invested nearly 80 million to build Internet & Creativity Industrial Park, a comprehensive service center integrating innovation and technology training, project incubation, industry acceleration, investment and financing services, and more. The annual production capacity has steadily exceeded RMB 4 billion.(600 million USD)

Deep Research on USB Technology

The development and innovation of USB technology is vast and infinite. For a long time in the future, ORICO will concentrate on the exploration and innovation of USB technology and use it more in transmission, power, audio and video to better facilitate people and promote the breakthrough transformation of transmission technology. Rome was not built in one day. We know that only by bringing together small changes will it be possible to explore greater innovations, and make our career endless through accumulation.

Provide Better Choices for A Better Life

Change is not only the responsibility of each ORICO employee, but also the opportunity. We expect our change, just like our brand's iconic element, Archimedes screw, to make small changes and corrections in the direction, and to continue to radiate farther away to explore the unknown. Our initial dream of the departure will be as clear as ever. ORICO hopes to explain the power of change to employees, users, and the wider world!

Power of Change

For the public, ORICO advocates to change the “habitual” lifestyle, encourages everyone to pursue a better life!

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