Dedicated R&D Achieve the Mission

ORICO is a company driven by market demands and centered on products innovation. Our R&D group, as a development engine, is concentrating on USB technology as well as other leading techniques. Actual demands of market are our directions and the realization of product value is our purpose. We are intensified our efforts to stand in front tier of USB tech exploration around the globe!
R&D Group
ORICO R&D center is organized by 140+ engineers who are capable of ID proposal, industrial design, structure design, electronic design, model development and project management…, outputting more advanced tech and products.
  • Chief Tech Officer

    211 service speed: 2-week R&D and 1-week production

  • Project Manager

    Experienced and expert

  • Industrial Designer

    Service-oriented and more creative

  • Senior Structure Engineer

    Design every component carefully

  • Electronics Engineer

    Examine electronic accurately

  • Mould Engineer

    Fully responsible for model design, manufacturing, machine commissioning and material selection, etc

  • Production Manager

    A bond that brings together marketing, product design and manufacturing

  • Package Designer

    Skillful in design of diversified packages used for display, transportation, storage, etc.

R&D Process

211 Rapid Delivery
Launch new products fast, strengthen channel distribution capacity, seize market share, improve iteration speed
Quicken goods supplement, accelerate funds recycling, grasp market opportunity, set up distribution network fast
Avoid goods overstocking, increase funding rotation rate, control cost effectively, alleviate market risk pressure

Technology & Application

All-around Application of Type-C Tech
We apply more advanced Type-C technical scheme whose data transmission speed reaches up to 10Gbps into our classic storage, innovative expansion products, 3C accessories and more daily gadgets. ORICO products make up more than 65% market share in storage industry. As for function expansion, Type-C can be compatible with Apple Thunderbolt3 port and can support data transmission, PD two-way power deliver and more functions.
Data Transmission Tech
ORICO keeps exploring and innovating USB technology and has developed the data transmission tech from USB2.0 to current leading USB3.1 tech. we are pursuing more breakthroughs coordinated with the technological era.
Application of USB Weak-current
USB weak current tech has been widely used on more digital products, such as mouse, keyboard, Mini fan and other daily life peripherals like juicer, lamp, etc.
Household Strong-current Safety Tech
Involved in household power strip and other products powered on 220V strong voltage, we take all aspects into account to ensure security, including material selection and electronic structure design. Our products are qualified national 3C standard, overseas FCC and other relevant certificates.
Development of Precision Molds
R&D of precision molds creates more delicate exterior for products that are crafted for some high-end peripherals. Electronic design enables products to be compatible with multiple systems and devices.

Make the Best of Resource

Manufacturing process and material selection are strong supports for satisfying customers and bringing them better using experience. ORICO possesses professional techniques and equipments to make full use of resources. R&D group firmly believe that cost is not reduced by resource saving but reasonable design. The whole design procedure should be optimized according to market condition and target cost to control time and material costs effectively.
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    Model Manufacturing
    Possess 300+ reserved precision moulds and we are continuing to produce new moulds by precision machining and cutting.
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    Injection Molding
    Produce 40,000 PCs and assemble 65,000 molds per mouth.
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    Surface Treatment
    Master all kinds of treatment techniques including spray painting, screen printing, laser carving, etc.
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    Material Selection
    Select high-pure PC material to ensure better insulation performance and flame resistance. Aluminum alloy and zinc alloy are widely used.
Injection molding workshop
5 Yizumi machines | 16 Haitian machines
Mould workshop
4 Xianfeng milling machines | 2 Sanlian milling machines | 1 Xinxing sawing machine | 1 Xiongying cutting machine | 1 Tianma bench grinder
Other machines
2 surface grinders | 1 radial drilling machine | 1 lathe

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