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Posted on Apr 19, 2024

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a type of storage device that provides centralized storage and file sharing capabilities to only persona or multi- user/device use. Without any subscription fees, NAS provides a high-quality cloud drive experience like a big private Google Drive. And More competences are going to be revealed.

See the Highlights

You can enjoy the mass storage space and all APP functions of NAS without paying any fees.

Store Personally, Share Freely

Large capacity of every NAS device maximizes your stunning experience and takes a lot of the stress out of device storage - like extending a hard disk. And multiple spaces are available for you to flexibly keep your own privacy, or share some files with your family, friends, workmates, etc. Meanwhile, you can experience time-limited file sharing, add new members and manage their permissions. Sharing made simple.

· My Space: Your privacy stays safe absolutely here

· Group Space: Suitable for file sharing

· Public Space: Suitable for collaborative use

After uploading various types of files, your files will be categorized and organized by picture, video, audio and document subtypes to facilitate quick searches within each category.

· Picture: Browsed along a timeline by year, month, and day, just like in a smartphone photo album.

· Video: Support online streaming or download to smartphone, computer.

· Audio: Support online streaming or download to smartphone, computer.

· Document: Considering the frequency of use of commonly used document formats, specific categorization has been automatically applied to doc, xls, ppt, and pdf files in the document consolidation category, making it easy to find.

Free access to your data anywhere and anytime delivers another impressive experience. You can view and manage all your files only on an App if global network nodes allowed.

Smart Multi-Dimension Classification

NAS devices are generally equipped with powerful performance and an intelligent data management assistant, which support efficient file selection, auto data classification and deduplication for better organization.

The photo album is automatically analyzed and categorized based on multiple dimensions such as time, scenes, people, themes, locations. It greatly simplifies your search. You will discover an array of stunning snapshots faster, reminisce about your cherished memories anytime.

Backup of Files and Data from Nearly all Sources is Possible Within NAS

Backup Your Phone

The mobile app can backup your new phone album, the attachments such as files, photos, and videos from WeChat chat records (supports Android) and more. After turning on the automatic backup function, the backup is on the go.

Backup Your Cloud Drive

It can be used if there is official collaboration access.

Backup Your Computer

You can manually or automatically backup computer files by the document synchronization feature. Some support Mac Time Machine.

A Powerful Productivity Powerhouse

NAS helps improve your working efficiency, and ensure the security of your office data.

File Synchronization

Your dedicated computer sync drive can synchronize files bidirectionally with NAS. It also supports syncing across multiple computers with NAS, enabling collaborative work across several devices, thereby enhancing office efficiency, eliminating the need to carry a computer around.

Lightning Transfer

Large volumes of files and folders can be transmitted between you and your colleagues at lightning speed. Users can directly view and download the shared files, while multiple platforms and sharing methods are supported for sharing.

Encrypted Vault

Bring you hard disk level encryption service. Even if the hard disk is lost, others cannot access the files. Important document, ID cards/bank card photos, private videos, and other files can be securely stored, and can be viewed and downloaded anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy Home Multimedia Pleasure

Enjoy Your Picture Anytime

Open the App and upload your photos from mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC to NAS. An electronic family album can be created. Every family member's photos are managed together, creating shared albums to collectively reminisce on beautiful moments.

Set up a Home Audio Center

Keep all the favorites in a NAS digital music library. You can easily access it from different devices and operating systems - mobile phones, TV, computers, power amplifier speaker full terminal playback support, classify it for better organization and search - music by album, singer, catalog, category display and storage management, for example, create a playlist, quickly pick a song and play it in your car, set alarms, etc.

Create an Integrated Home Theater

You can stream media, and play the movies that are stored in NAS directly from PC, mobile tablet, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA device or other players without complicated settings and the hassle of copying the videos to the play devices.

4K or higher definition playback quality delivers a cinema-grade experience. Just enjoy the visual feast and the fun of multimedia with your friends and relatives.

Docker —— High-Level Experience

Build your personal web and rich database is easy to reach.

· Full graphical interface settings, easier to use, supporting X86 architectures, greatly enriching the playability of NAS device.

· Built-in rich image library resources, easy to download, convenient for everyone to use.

· Support functions such as bypass routing and GPU hardware rendering acceleration provide stronger image support, realizing more functions.

ORICO's NAS Family - Ultimate Private Cloud Storage Solution

ORICO has been bringing MetaBox, MetaCube, MetaServer Zero series. That is a revolution in collaboration and shared storage solution, which empowers creators, business professionals and more to easily manager their workflows and improve their efficiency. (Welcome to click for more detail!)

If You are Using it for the First Time

1. Download the App(Take Weline App as an example)

For mobile client, please scan the QR code below to download and install the APP "Weline". iOS users can search for "Weline" in the Apple App Store.

For Windows, Mac PC and Smart TV client, please open your browser and enter the website https://welinecn.com/download.html to download and install it.

2. User Registration (Mobile Client as an Example)

Please open and run the "Weline" APP on your mobile phone.

If using the APP for the first time, you need to register an account. Please click "Sign up" and register with your mobile phone number or email address.

3. User Login

After the registration is complete, return to the login window. Enter your username and password to log in.

Log in successfully and go to the "Resources" page.

4. Device Binding

Before binding with your device, please pay attention to the following tips:

· Please make sure that the NAS device is operating in network mode, and the status light stays blue constantly.

· Do not use a Type-C data cable to connect to the computer. (Disconnect the data cable connection).

· Only use the Weline APP to scan the QR code at the bottom of the device.

Go to the "Resources" page, click the "⊕" symbol, and then click "Scan QR Code" to scan the QR code of the CD2510 / CD3510 device.

Note: If QR code scanning shows "Node offline", please check if the network or cable connection is abnormal. After ruling out the abnormality, try scanning again.

Scan the code and bind the device successfully, click "OK". (The specific device connection methods may vary. Please refer to your NAS operation manual for guidance.)

5. Access to Your NAS Device

After completing the device binding, click "xxxxxx net" network to enter and find your bound NAS device.

Click the CD2510_XXXX / CD3510_XXXX device nodes to enter the APP homepage. You can enjoy all functions and enjoy your private cloud storage.

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