How to improve your SSD transmission speed?

Posted on Dec 03, 2021

SSD compares to traditional HDD not only stronger in larger capacity and smaller size but also the most important reason is the unparalleled speed.

SSD is much faster than HDD because the data of SSD is stored on interconnected flash-memory chips while the HDD is stored magnetically. In other words, SSDs outpace HDDs because they use electrical circuitry and have no physical moving parts which leads to shorter wait times when you’re starting up and fewer delays when opening apps or doing heavy computing tasks.

When you purchase a new SSD and expect to experience advertised transmission speed but annoyingly discover that speed has been limited greatly. Actually, it is the factory settings that slow the SSD down to extend SSD service life. There are solutions to improve the speed by executing the following steps:

(Windows 10 for example):

Click 'This PC' on your desktop – Find and right click on your SSD – 'Properties' – 'Hardware' – 'Properties' – 'Volumes' – 'Populate' - 'Policies' - Tick 'Better performance'.


Right click 'This PC' on your desktop – 'Manage’ – ‘Disk Management’- Find and right click on your SSD – 'Properties' – 'Hardware' – 'Properties' – 'Policies' – Tick 'Better Performance'.






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