How to Find the Right Hub or Docking Station - Saving Port-limited Anxiety

Posted on Jan 11, 2024

In today’s digital life, whether you’re a student, professional, influencer or tech enthusiast, it is essential to connect, charge, and streamline your devices when you’re immersed in what you do with them. But it’s unable to master any task at hand and free up a heavy workload due to lack of ports. This is where the hubs and docking stations come in handy. In this blog, we'll help you take a dive into hubs and docking stations to find the perfect solution for your needs.

First, let’s distinguish the hub and docking station. Both of them serve as a central port spliter for connecting devices or accessories to a computer. All connected devices can work simultaneously, tackling your demand for high-efficiency tasks.

The hubs are compact devices that expand a port into multiple ones, like a common USB multiport adapter supporting drive, external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, USB fan and more. They provide a simple and convenient way to expand your device's connectivity options. According to the USB protocol, USB 2.0 hub, USB 3.0 hub and USB 3.1 hub are available and capable of collecting and powering different USB devices. The docking stations, on the other hand, are more advanced and designed to turn your laptop or tablet into a desktop workstation. They bring a wider array of versatile connectivity and stability, often including additional ports, support for multiple monitors, and sometimes power delivery capabilities, audio output, access to TF and SD cards, etc. USB C and ThunderBolt docking stations are quite common.

Factors to Consider When Taking a Pick

1. Check the Compatibility

Confirm that the hub or docking station is compatible with your laptop or tablet. Incompatibility is of course not valid.

2. Port Selection

A simple hub or a multi-port docking station with full features?

If you want to get a desktop for individual or office use, like experience by hooking your phone or tablet up to a keyboard, mouse, U disk and more without a computer needed, a hub with multi USB ports is simple and easy to have your imagination within reach. However, for professionals like designers, live streamers, photographers, and lecturers who have higher requirements for interface types, multi-port docking stations can provide more versatile connections and efficient enjoyment - accessing disks, SD and TF cards, music, HD videos.

This is a simple and clear 4-port USB hub for laptop, phone or computer, enabling OTG capability. Mini body makes it a perfect sidekick for your travel. 

The multi-port docking station series comes with classic transparent design and 4 options of different port configurations, adding the functionality of your port-limited devices. 

3. The Speed of Port Flowing

The data transfer speed of the interface is related to the transfer protocol. Ultra-fast speeds will lessen your waiting time greatly. In general, ThunderBolt docking stations enable data transfer speed up to 40Gbps, while Type-C docking stations support up to 10Gbps. Other high-speed port options like PD100W or 60W for charging, 1GbE network port could be covered.

ORICO brings different ports and Ominispeed options - 5Gbps, 10Gbps, 20Gbps and 40Gbps. Select the one based on your specific needs.

4. Support External HD Display

Some are equipped with mainstream video outputs such as HDMI, VGA or DP port. 1080@60Hz, 4K@30Hz, 4K@60Hz, 8K@30Hz, 8K@60Hz refresh are available. Check the number of monitors and their resolutions that the device can handle.

This USB-C Docking Station with friendly port configurations provides up to 4K@60Hz HD video output, ideal for mobile work, doing some demo, etc. Compact size makes it easy to transport.

5. Higher Performance Required or Not by Your Creativity

More specialized and intensive tasks could be done excellently through the dock with powerful and stable performance. By holding a dock with a high-level chip, everything works quite effortlessly.

The 22-in-1 docking station is highlighted by 22 ports and comprehensive performance that integrates video and audio enjoyment, data transfer, an incredible one-stop solution for game player, creative pro, live streamer, performance enthusiast.

If you want a powerful docking station with ThunderBolt 3 support, the 15-in-1 ThunderBolt 3 Dock delivers 40Gbps speed and gives an impressive number of ports, including USB, dual monitors 4K@60Hz or single 8K@30Hz HDMI support, 3.5mm headset mic jack, 1 GbE RJ45, DC charge, making it perfect for professionals, even Apple enthusiasts. Premium aluminum alloy and upright body shape a sleek style to match classic Apple devices.


The right hub or docking station can level up your connectivity and productivity. Whether you choose a simple hub or versatile dock, think about your specific needs and device compatibility to make a smart decision before purchasing.

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