Type-C to USB3.0-A * 4 HUB

  • Product Model
  • Input
  • Output
    4 x Type-A USB
  • Controller
    Via-Labs VL812
  • Transfer Rate
    5 Gbps (Theoretical Speed)
  • Data Cable
    6 inch USB3.0 Cord
  • Dimension
    98.5 x 39 x 15.5mm
  • Weight
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4-port USB3.0 expansion
Add USB ports to MacBook
4 ports USB3.0 hub is compatible with New MacBook and other smart devices with Type-C port, plug and play, which solves the problem that MacBook lacks USB ports and protects the scarce original port.
New Type-C port
Reversible design, plug correctly in any way
As the new port of MacBook and Nokia tablet, reversible USB-C port can be plugged in a right way all the time, which brings much convenience for digital enthusiasts; this new port will be popularized in the future, so being the first to have a Type-C hub is a wise choice.
SuperSpeed 5 Gbps transmission
Instantly transfer big data
4 USB3.0 ports transfer data at 5 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB2.0; connect hard drives and U-disks to quickly sync HD videos or big files, saving much time for you.
Advanced VIA controller
Low consumption, high performance
Controller is the key factor to decide the performance of hub. ORICO has a close cooperation with VIA and this time ORICO adopts USB3.0 VIA controller, which has low consumption and high performance, keeping TC4U operate perfectly.
Cellphone reads U-disk with OTG function
Easy to read files or pictures
Cellphone with OTG function connecting U-disk can play HD movie smoothly and also read pictures or files, easy to store, giving more storage space for cellphones.
Fashionable design, small and exquisite
Match with MacBook
Its chassis made of silver gray ABS fireproof material, perfectly matches New MacBook, simple but beautiful. Small size is convenient to put it into your pockets or bags.
Widely compatible
Meet your more expanding requirements
No driver needed, compatible with major systems on the market such as Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Mac OS and etc, work with USB-C devices including Le, Xiaomi 4, Nokia tablet, MacBook and so on.
Multi-protection safety system
Secure and reliable
Over load / voltage and instant current protection keeps attached devices and hub safe.
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