Portable Power Station(120W)

  • Product Model
  • Color
    Silver gray
  • Material
    Aluminium alloy+ABS+PC(fire retardant)
  • Surface
    Textured (plastic)+Sandblasting oxidation (aluminium alloy)
  • Battery
    Lithium ion battery
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
    Net weight 1.68Kg+/-10g, with accessories 1.85Kg
  • Single Battery Set
    10.8V/14500mAh 156.6Wh
  • Single Battery
    2900mAh*15PCS(all cells: 43500mAh)
  • Input
    DC13-24V 30W MAX
  • Output
    120W MAX(AC+QC+USB+Type-C+DC Total Output)
  • Indicator
    Power: White light, AC: Blue light
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