• How to use SW01 Well
    When you plug into your device, please find the device name as BT90 in [Device Manager]-[Sound, Video, and Game Controller], which is the adapter?
    There is no Bluetooth icon on the computer.
    Please open your Bluetooth earphones, and turn on Auto search mode to repair.
    Sound equipment: headset audio can only support two devices at the same time.
  • How to connect the Bluetooth well (BTA508)
    Method 1: Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the computer, select to open the sound settings (or playback device), and then set the linked Bluetooth device to the default value. Some devices will have two icons set up as the default value to the suitable one.
    Method2: Search the 'control panel' of the computer, select the 'hardware and sound' then click the 'device and printer' and finally find the 'connected Bluetooth device' right-click and choose properties, and turn off the hands-free service in the select-service bar.
    Note: Make sure you download the driver first.
  • How do you fix the last USB device that Windows does not recognize it?
    There are several reasons why this error may have occurred:
    Ports are malfunctioning
    Controller bus
    The controller may be outdated
    Faulty ports
    First, try another USB Port, and see if the issue is resolved. Also, avoid using USB Hubs because hubs may sometimes lack sufficient current to power the drive. It is better to plug it directly into the system.

    The second way: update all your device drivers.A suspended Setting could be a culprit. Consider disabling USB selective suspend settings. And do check controller driver a corrupted or outdated driver can also cause this kind of problem so try re-installing drivers.
  • How do you build a RAID without RAID Management software?
    Note: Please back up the important data first. The new disk needs to be formatted.
    1. Slide the red switch on the back of the fuselage, and set the mode you want.
    2. Press and hold the SET button while turning on the power switch.
    3. After about 15 seconds, release the SET button
    It shows a disk in Disk Management and then builds a new partition.
    Tips: If your system is Linux and has no button, no software for RAID, you could build a RAID on the Windows laptop and move to a Linux laptop.
  • How the Thunderbolt 4 is different than the thunderbolt 3?
    Thunderbolt 4 is nearly identical to the thunderbolt 3 in terms of looks and data transfer rate.

    Though Thunderbolt 4 still uses the Type-C connector and offers 40Gbps speeds, it has been improved minimum required performance standards, more possibilities for productivity, and USB4 compatibility.

    Video Transmission: Support up to two 4K displays simultaneously.
    Data Transmission: Minimum PCle transmission speed up to 32Gbps.
    Extend Cable Length: Maximum 2 meter’s cable length.
    Improved Laptop Performance: Support PC wake from sleep when the computer is connected to a Thunderbolt dock.
  • Tips as follow for you to extend your SSD life
    1. Always remember to reject the SSD on the computer first before unplugging it physically.

    2. Do not ever unplug the SSD when it is working.

    3. Do not set too many partitions on your SSD otherwise it will cost extra time to scan each partition when connecting the PC.

    4. Please promise the SSD is working under a stable voltage supply and use the original cable to lower the risks. (The voltage of the interface on the back of the PC host is more stable, it is recommended to use the interface behind.)
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