• Why does the disk always disconnect? how to prevent it? how to solve it?

    1. Unstable cable, unstable port
    2. Chip is broking
    3. MBR、GPT of the chip is damage
    a.It is interrupted when the disk is a formatting
    4. SSD's FTL has an error.
    b.It is interrupted when the disk is reading or writing.
    5. Suddenly power failure
    6. The computer is sleeping or closing the screen
    7. The USB port is power-off automatically.

    Please back up your data first before you do this action.

    1. Reformat disks partition, or repair partition tables with tools such as DiskGenius, Hard Disk Sentinel,
    2. Secure Erase
    3. Repair bad sectors by Victoria、DiskGenius、HD tune、MHDD
    4. Close the screen-sleeping.
    5. Turn off power saving in power settings
    If this operation couldn't help you, please send them to your seller for repair.
  • Why isn’t the HDMI port of the docking station working?
    1. It may be the resolution set by the computer cannot be displayed normally on the monitor side, or the monitor side does not support the normal display of the resolution. It is recommended that you set the same resolution on the computer side as your monitor. 2. It may also be that your system is abnormal. You can try to use HDMI to connect to other monitors to see if the signal can be output normally. If there is a signal output it indicates that there is no problem on the computer side, at least the hardware and software are not damaged. If there is no signal output, you can probably determine that there is an abnormality on the computer side, whether it is hardware or software, you can test it out. Note: If possible try another computer to check if it can be used. If it can’t be used, it’s a product problem; If yes it’s something wrong with the computer. Some computer interfaces do not support video signal output.
  • After HUB plugging into the computer, the lower right corner prompts that it can't install the USB driver.
    Right-click the 'computer' and select 'Manage' enter the device manager to check there was a yellow exclamation mark or not. It shows that the USB is not recognized. Download a driver life or driver wizard scan update from the Internet.
  • There was no response when the hub connected to the computer and computer unrecognized any devices.
    First, please go to the ' device manager' of the computer to check if there is an exclamation mark or question mark. Generally, the driver can be scanned and repaired by using Driver Life or Driver Wizard. But, USB3.0/USB2.0's HUB needs to uninstall the USB3.0 driver in the device manager and rescan and install it.
  • How do I connect the Bluetooth?
    1. It is recommended to turn off the connected device such as the earphone or speaker, turn it back on after 3 seconds, and set it to search mode. Then turn off and on the Bluetooth and search again.
    Method 2. Go to the control panel - devices and printers, right-click the headset and select properties – services - Bluetooth service, choose the audio service checkbox and headset re-pairing.

    If there is no Bluetooth icon, go to the control panel and add the device under printer and device.

    If it fails to connect or connect in an unstable way, then:
    Right-click on this computer icon on the desktop and select Manage - Services and Applications – Services – right-click on the Bluetooth service "Bluetooth Support service" – Properties -change the startup type to automatic.
  • Where can I download the Bluetooth driver?
    Download the Bluetooth driver on the official website(https://www.orico.cc/us). Note: Some models do not need the Bluetooth driver.
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